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Hi, I'm Sabrina. I like to take pictures, sometimes people even pay me for it. I currently live in Austin, Texas with my husband Chris and our three giant dogs. I was born and raised in Kansas City until life happened and I found myself in Texas. 

I'd always had an interest in photography, however I never could find the time or money to invest in the hobby. Then, in 2016, a friend passed away, and we came to the realization we didn't have very many good pictures of them. A few months later I purchased my first camera and began documenting the world around me and the people I loved, wanting to preserve what I could. 

I believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and have great photos. While high quality photography should be an investment, it also shouldn't be a budget-breaking luxury item. I try to take a photojournalistic style to capture the emotions of your special day and moments.

My photography journey has taken me all over, from barren deserts to the front rows of fashion shows. I've been blessed to have my work featured in galleries and published in a number of magazines. I have been honored to be one of the official photographers for SXSW, Kansas City Fashion Week, Planet Comicon, Fashion Honors Autism, Guns N' Hoses, and West 18th Street Fashion Show. 

I'd love to create with you, so let's make some memories. <3


 Sabrina Dunne,

Austin TX Photographer

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